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Graduate Diploma in Psychology

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    Through this 16-month part-time graduate programme, candidate will be equipped with a range of theoretical, analytical, conceptual and functional skills in psychology. The study of psychology will enrich candidates with an understanding of the behaviour, relationships and the workings of the human mind, which are relevant to many careers and professions. Candidates will learn social and cognitive development, human development and abnormal psychology. Counselling modules are included to enrich the candidates’ learning.

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    • Acquire basic knowledge of psychology as a discipline;
    • Understand different research methods used by psychologists;
    • Learn major fields of psychology (abnormal, behavioural, biological, cognitive, developmental, educational, health, and sociocultural);
    • Recognise and respect human diversity and understand that psychological explanations may vary across populations, age groups and contexts;
    • Use the concepts, language and major theories of the discipline to account for psychological phenomena.

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    The Graduate Diploma in Psychology (GDIP) prepares the qualified candidates who have an interest in the study of Psychology at the postgraduate level. The programme aims to provide a comprehensive theoretical understanding of psychology, whilst enriching the candidates’ practical skills in a broader perspective.

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    Module 1 Introduction to Psychology
    Module 2 Research Methods
    Module 3 Biological Psychology
    Module 4 Cognitive Psychology
    Module 5 Developmental Psychology
    Module 6 Social Psychology
    Module 7 Abnormal Psychology
    Module 8 Educational Psychology
    Module 9 Industrial and Organisational Psychology
    Module 10 Health Psychology
    Module 11 Counselling Methods
    Module 12 Counselling Ethics
    Module 13 Group Counselling
    Modules Synopses

    Click here for information on modules in this programme.


    Click here for lecturers in this programme.

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    The programme expects candidates to complete individual and/or group written assignments, and/or written examination, depending on the modular criteria. Candidates must also submit a written report upon fulfilling the compulsory practicum hours, to graduate from the course.

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    For admission to the GDIP programme:

    • Candidates should possess either an Advanced Diploma in Psychology or Advanced Diploma in Counselling Psychology offered by College of Allied Educators, OR,
    • Degree in any discipline.

    For applicants who do not meet the above entry requirements, on a case-by-case basis, they may be required to take on bridging modules FIRST, before enrolling into this course.

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    Course Fee & Information
    Preview Days & Time Mondays - Fridays
    *Estimated duration of the free preview is 1-hour.
    New Intake Commencement
    Date / Day / Time
    10 October 2014 / Friday / 7.00pm
    Duration 16 Months (Part-Time)
    Contact Hours 3 Hours x 2 Per Week
    Schedule Wednesdays & Fridays
    7.00pm – 10.00pm
    Course Fee Structure Payment to be made to
    Application Fee 1 2 S$270.00
    1Non Refundable Fees
    2Consists of Application, Materials, and Student Card Fees
    Course Fee S$8,600.00
    Total Payable before GST S$8,870.00
    GST of 7% S$620.90
    Total Payable after GST S$9,490.90
    Payment Mode Cash / NETS / Credit Card1 / Cheque
    1Interest-free instalment up to 12 months available for UOB Credit Card Holders.

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    For programme enquiries and/or registration for a programme preview, kindly contact us by :

  •     Enquiry Form

  •    Catherine : 6533 2743
  • Thank You for your interest in our programme! We look forward to hear and see you soon!

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