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To check your results, kindly click here.

Grading System Overview

Percentage RangeDescriptorLetter Grade (LG)
≥ 80 High Distinction (HD) A+
70 - 79 Distinction (D) A
60 - 69 Merit B
50 - 59 Pass C
< 50 Fail F
- Exempted N.A.

Kindly contact us at 6500 - 0031 or email to Danny / James if you are unable to view your released result.

You will be notified by the College once your Certificate and Transcript are ready for collection and/or to be presented at the Graduation Ceremony.

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To allow our students to apply their theoretical knowledge in a realistic and experiential environment, our programmes require certain hours of practical training at several special needs school and counselling studio in Singapore.

Below are schools/centres where our students perform their practical training at:

For further enquiries with regards to attachment, please call the College at 6533 - 0031 or email to

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Kindly download and complete all required sections for the form(s) to be submitted to the College.

You may also contact your respective Programme Manager for further information with regards to your request and feedback.

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To enrich our students' learning experience, the College's Centre for Professional Development offers and organises short courses and workshops. From August 2014, to acknowledge the students' effort in their professional development, the completed short courses and/or workshops can be recognised as electives with terms and conditions applied.

Kindly refer to the links below for the latest short courses and workshops available:

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To recognise the effort of students who have performed excellently in their studies, Scholarships are given to encourage them to advance to the next academic level with the College.

The College would like to congratulate the following students who have done well academically to receive the scholarships:

Name Programme

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As a student of College of Allied Educators, you have the privilege to access our Career Opportunity services. Because of our commitment to help people and the quality training we provide, we constantly receive the latest job opening notices from our various Attachment Centres and industry partners.

Kindly click here for the latest listing of Career Opportunities available for our Students.

To make enquiries on career opportunities, please contact Catherine at 6533 – 2743 or email at

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Outside the required Practical Training hours, some students may wish like to participate as a volunteer. We can help you arrange this volunteerism programme with one of the centres/schools in our Volunteerism programme.

To register for your volunteerism program, please call Catherine at 6533 – 2743 or email to

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